Georgia is a country in Europe that stands along the border of Europe and Asia. A magical country situated between the Caucasus Mountains and the Black sea, Georgia is a lesser-known tourist destination, the country of Georgia is filled with mystery and adventure.

Packed with small towns, historical landmarks and an overall friendly community, Georgia is filled with tourist attractions and the possibilities there are endless. Here are 7 tourist attractions in Georgia.

  1. Narikala Fortress

The Narikala Fortress is quite possibly the first major tourist attraction that comes to mind for anyone deciding on a trip to Georgia. Located in the heart of its capital, Tiblisi, this massive fortress dates back to the 4th Century when it was built by the Persians. What makes this an ultimate tourist attraction is the fact that it overlooks the entire city of Tiblisi providing a breathtaking view.



  1. Mount Kazbek

Georgia has many tourist attractions that caters to a variety of travelers whether those looking for peace or for a more extreme outing. But out of all of them, Mount Kazbek is the one that cannot be missed. Being a part of the Caucasus Mountain range, Mount Kazbek stands tall among others and offers a great view of the countryside that so many dream of seeing.



  1. Mtskheta

A tourist attraction, the town of Mtskheta is one of Georgia’s oldest and still remains a gem of a place to visit and is considered the spiritual heart of Georgia. Situated in the Kartli province of the region, the town is also considered a UNESCO World Heritage site. Boasting both culture and tradition, the town plays home to a number of tourist attractions like monasteries and fortresses.



  1. Tiblisi

As far as tourist attractions in Georgia are concerned, no place can be mentioned before the city of Tiblisi. The capital of Georgia, this jewel of a city is sprawling with history, tradition, architecture and culture. The beauty of what Tiblisi manages to display is a great blend of tradition within its modern architecture. Whether it’s the architecture, brimming streets, ancient fortresses, gothic cathedrals, Tiblisi is not short of tourist attractions and things to do.



  1. Uplistsikhe

This tourist attraction is quite different from your modern day attractions. Different in the sense that this region once played home as an ancient urban settlement. Uplistsikhe is an ancient cave city which can be dated back to the early Iron Age. The site is excellent for those looking to explore off the beaten path craving a little sense of adventure.



  1. Batumi

Batumi is Georgia’s answer to the perfect holiday by the seaside. Situated next to the Black sea, Batumi serves as an important port for trade and other commercial purposes. There are a variety of tourist attractions in the port of Batumi ranging from seaside bars & restaurants, beaches, shopping centres making it a must visit when traveling to Georgia.



  1. Gergeti Trinity Church

This one’s considered a more dramatic tourist attraction as compared to the others on the list of what Georgia has to offer. A cathedral located high on top of a hill speaks dramatic on so many levels and its one not to be missed. Built in the 14th century, the church is a popular tourist attraction in Georgia and also stands as a way point for trekkers within the area.



With this in mind, Georgia is an incredible place to visit. It’s sprawling with culture and residents that are very welcoming to tourists. If you haven’t visited Georgia, then now is the time. For more incredible content on travel, click here.