Spain has the knack of being one of those countries that are very easy and yet so hard to describe. It’s large in size, pretty on the eye and lively making it one of the most famous countries in the world to visit thanks to its incredible atmosphere, tradition, food, culture and its architecture. Let’s not forget its very warm and welcoming community that make it all the more special.

Spain has something for everyone. Whether you’re on the lookout for an adventure, interested in trying out some new food or just looking to have a relaxing day, there is no shortage of things to do in Spain. With that in mind, here’s a list of the most famous things to do in Spain.

  1. The Mediterranean Beaches

One of the many beauties of Spain is its Mediterranean Beaches. Close to the Mediterranean Sea, Spain has cataloged over 3,000 beaches and also accounts for the most number of beaches in all of Europe. There is no shortage of things to do here let alone in the whole of Spain. The beaches are clean, the water reflects all shades of blue and green and the sand as white as you could possibly imagine it.


  1. Ibiza

One of the first things that comes to any mind when talking about Spain. And this is definitely one of the things to do in Spain. Being a tiny island off the east coast of Spain, Ibiza is what one would call a party hub. The amazing thing about this place is that it’s not just your regular party hub. It’s a hub for not just Europe but the entire world. It’s also a great spot for the younger generation looking to unwind and remains one of the top things to do in Spain for any young traveler out there.



  1. Join in the Football Culture

If you’re a football fan and are keen to know what it’s like to follow football like a religion, then Spanish football is exactly one of the things to do in Spain. A country that of recent years have brought back the flair in football, loyalties are truly tested in the capital of Madrid and Barcelona which boasts two of the best and richest footballing clubs the world has ever seen. Spain is a nation crazy about football and being a part of its culture is an experience like no other.



  1. La Tomatina

Spain is filled with numerous festivals and La Tomatina remains one its top most festivals along with being one of the top food festivals around the world. Taking place annually at Valencia, the one hour festival pays tribute to tomatoes that are specifically grown for this due to being unfit for consumption. It provides a different experience and if you’re a traveler looking to take a trip to Spain during the month of August, then this should be on your list of things to do in Spain at that time.



  1. Visit La Sagrada Familia

Anyone who knows the slightest abut Spain in General would also be familiar with the architectural works of Antoni Gaudi. A famous Catalan architect, he is best known for his masterpiece known as La Sagrada Familia, a Roman Catholic Church situated in Barcelona. The towering cathedral is still undergoing construction and is expected to be completed in the year 2026. It is also one of the monuments that truly defines Europe and stands as one of the things any traveler must see in Spain.


  1. Try Tapas

This is just as much a thing to do in Spain as any other. A part of the popular bar culture, Tapas serves as an essential part of Spanish culture. It refers to the small appetizers and finger foods available to accompany ones drinks. These can be in the forms of many assortments such as cheese, olives and also chilies. Although variations have been replicated in other countries, it still remains an exclusivity to Spain.



  1. Siesta

This isn’t what you think it is at a first guess, but is surely something you’d love to be a part of. An integral part of Spanish culture, Siestas are referred to as afternoon naps that take place every day between 1pm to 5pm. This means that all government offices, local offices and shops shut down in order to get a well-earned nap. If you’re the kind that’s looking for a relaxing vacation then this is one of the things to do on your travels to Spain.


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