Most of the buildings that surround us go unnoticed in the terms of their architecture. You would walk past them without even giving them a second glance. There are some however, that would make you stop and admire them for a while, while there are a few that would make you stop in your track and make your jaws drop. We have been doing a little research of our own, and here are a few buildings that we thought compete with each other for being among the 7 strange buildings around the world.

1) House Attack ( Viena, Austria)
The Austrian art museum, Museum Moderner Kunst (MUMOK)  has a number of surreal works that intrigue people. The most intriguing however, is the one you catch sight of when you see the strange building with an inverted house wedged randomly into its roof. The artist, Erwin Wurm is popular for his out of the box works that drip with his sense of humor, and ‘House Attack’ in Austria is the most puzzling making it a must visit tourist attraction in Austria.


Source: ksamedia.osu.ed

2) UFO Houses (Taiwan)
It started out as the construction of a resort that was shaped like UFOs, But the construction was discontinued when the company went bankrupt. A lot of rumors ran around the place that the frequent accidents on the construction sites were due to the damage incurred to a statue of a Chinese dragon. The place is now in ruins, the memories of the intended future. It make a wonderfully strange building to witness.



3) Mind House (Barcelona, Spain)
So it appears that quite a few failed projects just become architectural marvels. For Mind House is another example. Just like any other strange buildings by Gaudi, the Mind House too, just speaks of Gaudi’s genius. The public benefited from the failed project, when the park was opened to the public by the city authorities and is a must visit if you’re in Spain.



4) Hang Nga Guesthouse (Vietnam)
Owned by the daughter of the ex-president and a student of architecture in Moscow, this  strange building depicts true oddity. No window or door is rectangle or round. It is open to public, like a museum so that people can experience its un-conventionalism, with unexpected twists and turns, roofs and rooms.
strange 4


5) Rotating Tower (Dubai)
If you say that a rotating tower is an in-achievable feat, Dr. David Fisher would just be in your face and prove you wrong. The rotating tower in Dubai, that is still under construction, will have floors that rotate! So one can choose to face the sun from their drawing room to see the sun rise and set! And if you think that is pretty cool, listen up cause it just gets cooler. Each floor will have a wind turbine to generate electricity for the tower itself and the other surrounding buildings! Well, wonders never cease!



6) Crooked House (Sopot, Poland)
At the first glance the house looks like it has been digitally distorted , and mind you, it will make your eyes hurt if you look at it for too long. It crosses a lot of boundaries of the term ‘wacky’. The building is built as a homage to the children’s book illustrator Jan Szancer’s works and is now home to a shopping center.



7) Conch Shell House (Mexico)
The Conch shell house is perhaps one of the most artistic strange building turned house in Mexico. One can experience a 180 degrees of the ocean view, live inside a sea shell and have a bath under a shell fountain. Very few things could match the feeling of being woken up to the soft murmur of the ocean’s waves and the gentle ocean breeze that one gets to experience here.


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