While most of us try our best to bargain and get the best budget friendly hotel while traveling, there are some who simply can afford to spend and experience every luxurious thing in life, in this case hotels! Can you imagine spending ten thousand dollars or more on a hotel, that too just for a night?

Here is a list of dream hotels that will make your jaws drop thanks to their luxurious and expensive hotel facilities-

  1. President Wilson Hotel, Geneva

Famously known as the elegant 5-star hotel in Geneva, it has a beautiful waterfront promenade which offers spectacular views of Lake Geneva, Mont Blanc and the Alps. This tops our list of the expensive hotels in the world because there simply is no other, to match it! The per night charge in the Royal Penthouse Suite is about a whopping $68,000. What is it about the most expensive hotel that they charge so much, you may wonder! Well, you get to experience the luxurious lounge on a 1700 meters’ terrace with the view of the lake and 12 marble bathrooms with bulletproof glass everywhere. Pretty fancy isn’t it?


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  1. Owner’s Villa, Cheval Blanc Randheli, Maldives

Maldives is an exotic place to visit. Why not make the experience at a expensive hotel more exotic with a luxurious twist? Cheval Blanc Randheli is a luxurious vision of the Maldives with 45 private villas all stylishly decked out to help guests relax and enjoy the beautiful Indian Ocean. The hotel villas are a perfect balance of modern architecture and traditional inspirations. Each of the villas have their own 25 metre swimming pool, dedicated chefs, an outdoor shower and Guerlain products. Although this expensive hotel hasn’t completely disclosed their prices, it is definitely believed to be more than $30, 000 per night!


Source: randheli.chevalblanc.com

  1. Laucala Island, Fiji

Per night stay in the Hilltop Estate Owner’s Accomodation at the Laucala Island Hotel and Resort sums upto  about $ 40,000 . The entire Island has about 25 villas and one cannot simply just book it that easily. Only after a lot of recommendation and background checks are you put up for reservation to stay at this pricey hotel! The villas provide a panoramic view of the island and the expensive hotel package includes free massages, horse rides on the beaches along with a private chef and even a private nanny.

P.S: If you think about it, the cost of a stay is equivalent to 4 years of tuition fees of state college.


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  1. Raj Palace, Jaipur

Built in 1727, Raj Palace Hotel was one of the first palaces in Rajasthan, India. This beautiful blend of Mughal and Periodic is the oldest mansion of Jaipur. The Shahi Mahal Suite at the Raj Palace Hotel is one of the most expensive suites in the world. Costing about $45,000 per night, this expensive suite in the hotel has got 6 bedrooms, a private theatre, a library and a private kitchen staff! It is known popularly for hosting big fat weddings. To know about grand wedding destinations, read.


Source: rajpalace.in

  1. Westin Excelsior, Rome

If you are visiting Italy, Westin Excelsior is a beauty to even look at even if you are not staying there. This is added to the list of most expensive hotels because of its suite called the Villa La Cupola. Calling it grand would be an understatement! The expensive hotel charges about $14,280 per night and the suite comprises of domed living room, with a frescoed cupola, a Pompeian style pool and seven terraces. You get to dine on Roman favourites and can enjoy a personalized workout or indulge in a shiatsu massage at the hotel’s spa. The expensive hotel is also situated in the heart of the city and therefore, commuting to popular tourist spots is also convenient. To know more about Europe trip, read.


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  1. Rosewood London

Comparatively falls under the category of not-so expensive hotels for the elite, the most stand out thing about the stay in this expensive hotel is the facility of stay-in private house. Together there are five connecting rooms in this hotel, collectively called the Grand Manor House Wing. Rosewood London is a classic luxury hotel which combines English heritage with contemporary sophistication with a price tag of $ 12, 600 per night here, making it one among the expensive hotels to stay in.


Source: rosewoodhotels.com

  1. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai

Of course when we are talking about expensive hotels, it is impossible for Dubai to stay out of the list. The cheapest suite you can find in the mighty hotel of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is for $2000 per night (excluding the taxes and fees) and the most absurdly expensive hotel suite is charged $13,000. So why is it so expensive? Well, for starters you will be driven around in a Rolls Royce or Mercedes or even better- a helicopter! They offer personal butlers, four swimming pools and private beach. A complete modern expensive hotel which makes you feel contempt, if you have the money to afford a stay in the hotel that is!


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