The perfect combination of urban magnificence and untouched beaches, Malaysia attracts a great number of tourists from around the world. There are surfeit attractions in Malaysia for tourists. But, here we have tried to inspire you and go beyond the regular; take an offbeat path and explore these 7 best kept secrets of Malaysia!

  • Spend a relaxed evening at the Perhentian Islands

The Perhentian Islands are a group of islands off the North eastern coast of Malaysia, in proximity to the Thai border. Used by traders while reaching Bangkok from Malaysia, Perhentian Islands literally means “Stopping Point” in the local language. There are two major islands which collectively form the Perhentian Islands. The bigger island is known as Pulau Perhentian Besar & the smaller one is called Pulau Perhentian Kecil. The former is recommended for luxury travel and latter is ideal for budget backpackers. Perhetian Islands offer limited range of activities which include Scuba Diving. Snorkelling & Forest trekking. However, each activity has a unique experience due to the untouched beauty of this place.

The peaceful surroundings, white sand beaches & gentle waves of the serene ocean would surely leave an ever-lasting impression on you.




  • Diving in Sipadan Island

This lesser known diving spot in Malaysia is one of the most amazing locations in Malaysia for Scuba Diving. Located off the eastern Malaysian coast of Sabah, Sipadan has a wide diversity of marine life. Turtles, barracudas, trevally & parrotfish can be seen along with a wide range of algae and sponges. Diving in Sipadan Island would definitely be highly recommended while visiting Malaysia.



  • Taking a stroll at Rawa Island

The mesmerizing white sand beaches at Rawa Island in Malaysia are difficult to describe in plain words. Rawa Island is a piece of heaven on earth which is only accessible by boat. This small island, which has only two resorts, is owned by Johor Sultanate, also referred to as Johor Empire in Malaysia. The island is very secluded, perfect to find solitude while gaping at the magnanimity of the pristine turquoise waters.



  • Immerse in peace at Pulau Pangkor Laut Island

Pangkor Laut Island is home to fishing villages and an epitome of Malaysia culture. You can experience the authentic style of the Malay people living in this small & secluded island. The only resort on this island is the Pangkor Laut Resort which has amazing water bungalows and proximity to nature’s purest form. Being the only resort on this island, the guests have access to one of the best sites in Malaysia without facing the touristy crowd.




  • Indulge in Malay culture at Pekan Town

Along with gorgeous islands and tranquil beaches, Malaysia is also home to many small towns where the true Malaysian culture is preserved well by saving it from the influx of tourists. One such peaceful town in Malaysia is Pekan. Located on Pahang river banks, Pekan Town is yet untouched by tourism and spotting a tourist in this town is a tough task. To experience the true culture of Malaysia, throbbing alive in the streets of Pekan town, we would surely recommend a visit here.




  • Interact with nature at Tasik Chini Jungles

Tasik Chini is a magnificent lake, surrounded by lush green tropical forest, forming a mystical combination of natural elements. A visit to the interiors of the jungle would surely leave you mesmerized by the mere beauty of nature. The civilization around this lake is far and away from tourist crowd which makes it easier for you to interact with nature in its unadulterated form. You can indulge in interesting activities like fishing, boating, kayaking amidst stalwart trees & visiting peaceful villages in the vicinity. The Tasik Chini Jungle would also bring great satisfaction to the bird watcher in you. A wide range of migratory birds are spotted as they rest over tree branches where dew kissed leaves sway in the gentle morning breeze.




  • Laze around at Tanjung Resang beach

A secluded beach in Malaysia, Tanjung Resang should surely be a part of your check list if you are a true nature lover.  Located in oblivion, Tanjung Resang can be a melting pot of everything that nature can offer you for a blissful solitude. You can see the vast, never-ending ocean, stretched till the horizon as a dense forest stands behind you, inviting you to hop on an adventure of a lifetime.



These 7 secrets can transform your Malaysia trip from good to great! The serene islands & dense forests will leave you fascinated by the beauty of this spectacular country. Have you been to Malaysia? Do share your experiences with Malaysia in the comments section.