Hong Kong is a bustling modern metropolis. Filled with a population of over 7 Million, Hong Kong oozes energy the moment you arrive and just gets better from there on out. Hong Kong is filled with a million different things to do ranging from shopping malls to bars to some of the best landmarks you’ll ever see.

But therein lies the problem. Hong Kong is huge and it’s impossible to cover it all on a vacation. Needless to say, that there are some experiences that shouldn’t be missed. Here are 6 tourist attractions in Hong Kong:

  1. Victoria Peak

Quite possibly the first tourist attraction in Hong Kong that comes to mind is Victoria Peak. So what’s amazing about this tourist attraction? It’s one of the highest points in the city and gives you an incredible panoramic view of the city of Hong Kong. You’ll see everything from its skylines to the amazing harbor. Everything that you’ve heard about Hong Kong in terms of its energy will be reaffirmed especially when taking in the view during the late hours at night.


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  1. Take a Trip by Junk Boat

Many associate Hong Kong as being a full-fledged city. But what so many don’t realize is that the region is sprawling with many islands. To visit such islands, one would have to charter what is known as a Junk boat. These boats were traditional Chinese fishing boats that are now used as tourist attractions. The attraction is great for those looking for a bit of adventure on their travels and is also a great option for families.


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  1. Street Markets

Just about anything you could ever want to really buy can be found in the Street Markets. It’s no secret that almost anything you buy today from anywhere in the world is mass produced in China. The street markets are crowded and full of the energy and noise you’d expect from such a place. The place is home to hundreds of products ranging from shoes to watches to noodles. If you’re not planning on shopping, you can just roam around the area for hours as it provides much to look at as a tourist attraction.


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  1. Visit the Historic Temples

For a nation that is so well known for its state of modernity, Hong Kong seeks to maintain its more historic traditions. These are evident in its temples which are home to many historic traditions that date back to pre-British occupation. These temples now also act as tourist attractions for those who wish to visit, while it also plays home to true believers who come by to make offerings and burn incense sticks.


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  1. Lantau Island

Lantau Island is a truly fascinating place to visit. Filled with incredible historical sites and beautiful sceneries, the island is filled with around 47 villages that ooze tradition and culture. The island is also home to a mountain range known as the ‘Phoenix Mountain’ which is the second highest peak in all of Hong Kong and the islands most famous tourist attraction. Beyond that, tourists can also participate in other activities such as fishing, camping and also swimming.


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  1. Disneyland

Who doesn’t love Disneyland? Also located on the island of Lantau, Disneyland is another must see tourist attraction in Hong Kong. Being the newest Disneyland in the world, the site does well in blending in the world of Disney with the heritage of China making for an experience filled with both wonder and magic. Staying true to its original theme, Disneyland is a major tourist attraction for any family looking to have a great time together.


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