This dish is always present at the breakfast table all over turkey. It’s made of a sautéed assortment
of veggies and scrambled eggs and is usually served while hot and consumed with delicious fresh
Turkish people love their meat in every shape, way, and form. köfte is made of ground beef or
lamb that is made into little patties that are cooked either by baking in the oven or grilled.
The dish is served with a tomato based stew, with yogurt as a side. It is also available in the
form of a sandwich for the on the go köfte lover.Mantı
This amazing traditional dish is dubbed as the Turkish ravioli. Manti is a very famous dish that
consists of small homemade dumplings filled with beef and is either fried or boiled. It is usually
served with a layer of yogurt and sprinkled with different types and colours of spices.
This manakeesh like pastry is made of very flat and crispy dough base that is topped with minced
beef. It can be wrapped or folded and is found at any street vendor or local restaurant.

This pastry is one of the most famous dishes in turkey due to its vast variety and options and can be
rolled or served in the form of a lasagne and filled with cheese, spinach, minced meet, or anything
that crosses your mind. Therefore it’s usually considered a breakfast item.
This dish is wildly available and loved in the entire Levant are and usually contains vine leaves, In
Turkey the options are limitless and any vegetable that you can think of, you can find it stuffed and