If you’re planning to visit some place extravagant this New Year , the only resolutions you need to make are the ones concerning travel. After all, travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Say good bye to negative resolutions and pick up these 5 travel resolutions instead. As a bonus, we’ll tell you how to keep them too.


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  1. Travel Solo

Planning on traveling solo can be the ultimate self-indulgence you gift yourself. You can rest when you want to and go anywhere when you’re feeling ambitious. Another advantage is that your mistakes are your own, and your triumphs all yours to savor.


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How to Keep It: traveling alone doesn’t have to be a risk. Don’t draw attention to yourself by wearing flashy clothes or jewelry. Make sure you know your schedules and routes beforehand so as to not end up pouring over maps in a crowded area. Carry more than one form of identification and keep your wits about at night.


  1. Meet the Locals

The whole point of traveling is to encounter and relish new experiences. Like it or not, meeting new people is a very important part of that experience. People living in the place you’re visiting will always know much more than any travel guide or website will be able to tell you.


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How to Keep It: keeping this resolution begins with as simple a step as making eye contact and flashing a friendly smile. Knowing a couple of words in the local language can certainly go a long way and will warm the locals up to you.


  1. Use Vacation Days for Vacations

We don’t mean vacations where you throw yourself a party for one with some pizza and Netflix. When cashing in on your days off, use them to actually travel. It doesn’t have to be out of the country to count as a vacation. A simple holiday to a mountain range or camping in a forest nearby you are vacations too.


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How to Keep It: Plan your holidays intelligently. Pick up a calendar and mark off days with long weekends and festivals. You can take days off before or after such days to maximize the number of days you can travel. If possible, make a trip of visiting friends or family residing in another city.


  1. Learn a New Language

Being able to speak the language of the natives while in that country, will certainly maximize your travel experience. Plus, you will not have to depend on sign language to enquire where the nearest washroom is. Reward yourself with a trip to the country when you’ve learnt its common tongue thoroughly enough.


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How to Keep It: One of the best ways to deal with a new language once you’ve got the basics down is to practice and you can do this during your trip. Download apps like Duolingo or Babbel to practice and prep your pronunciation.


  1. Try New Cuisines

While the signs of fast food restaurants can seem friendly when in a distant land, remember that you didn’t have to spend all that money on traveling to eat the same French fries you could get at home. Food is an integral part of culture and make sure that all your vacations involve at least one meal a day where you sample the local cuisine.


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How to Keep it: Talk to a local to know where they go to celebrate special occasions, like anniversaries or birthdays. This will show you all the places where the food is worth splurging on. The locals are also your best bet to finding budget-friendly eateries for no fuss meals.


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