Some people travel for leisure and some because of a sense of wanderlust. However, few people have managed to make and break world records by traveling. Here’s looking at 5 travel records you wouldn’t believe exist.

  1. Oldest Person to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Retired teacher Angela Vorobyova braved the monsoons so as to reach the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro at the age of 86. This fearless adventurer from Ulan-Ude hiked her way into the record books, by reaching the 5,895 meter (19,341 ft) summit in Tanzania on 29 October at 13.08 Moscow time, while accompanied by her daughter Vera, who is 62 years of age. Her remarkable climb was a trek to fulfill a vow she made to her sister who died in childhood in 1935.


Angela’s medical condition on her ascent was hard to believe – the oxygen concentration in her blood was 89% and her pulse 70. This shows that she tolerated altitude adaptation very well.


  1. Most Countries Visited On a Single Tank of Fuel

Audi and The RAC set a new World Record title by driving to 14 countries on a single tank of fuel. and Racing driver Rebecca Jackson and motoring journalist Andrew Frankel drove an Audi A6 ultra for a distance of 1,158.9 miles almost non-stop for nearly 28 hours from the Netherlands to Hungary, passing through Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, Lichtenstein, Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia.


This resulted in them setting the new world record for the most countries visited on a single tank of fuel.


  1. World’s Longest Taxi Journey

Three British adventurers – Johno Ellison (280, Paul Archer (24), and Leigh Purnell (24) – drove a 19-year-old classic London Black Cab for 32,000 miles across 3 continents, 41 countries, and 10 time zones – setting the new world record for the Longest taxi journey.


They ran up a fare of 80,000 pounds and the journey saw them negotiate herds of Armenian sheep, dodge the Taliban in Pakistan, and even get detained by the Iranian Secret Police where Paul was consequently deported as a suspected spy. Not your ideal road trip, but still an amazing feat.


  1. Fastest Time to visit 245 countries

Benny Prasad, from Bangalore in India who is a Solo Guitar Instrumentalist, has traveled to 245 countries, 7 Continents in 6 years, 6 months & 22 days from May 1, 2004 to Nov. 22, 2010 thus setting the new world record for the fastest Time to visit 245 countries. It truly is incredible how he found the time to do it.


The previous Guinness world record for fastest time to visit all sovereign countries was also set by an Indian, Kashi Samaddar, who visited all 194 United Nations member countries in 6 years, 10 months and 7 days. One of the longest travel records.


  1. Longest Rickshaw Ride

While sadly the feat was not managed by an Indian, it is impressive nonetheless. Tim Moss, from West Molesey, set off from Aviemore in Scotland and ended his trip at London. His route, the World’s Longest rickshaw ride by an individual , took him through the Scottish Highlands, Edinburgh, Manchester, the Peak District,  the Lake District, Wales, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Kent, Essex, and London.

In London, he was greeted by a team of rickshaw riders, who formed a guard of honor along the South Bank, after completing a 1000 mile rickshaw ride setting for one of the more uncanny of travel records.



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