If you want to channel Hemingway and drink your way through Europe, you’ve come to the right place. Here 5 Pubs you must visit in Europe.

  1. Bar Mutis, Barcelona, Spain

Mutis is a dark and elusive speakeasy bar, everything you can expect from a members-only club created by Kim Díaz. Recently decreed the best cocktail bar in Europe by Drinks International magazine, Mutis has a very strict door policy and live music every night. If you manage to find Bar Mutis you will definitely deserve a drink. This flat-turned-sound-proofed bar is a cocktail haven hidden off the busy Diagonal in a residential apartment block. Must visit if you are in Spain.


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Make sure you carry your credit cards as this place is notorious for being expensive. The menu is printed on silk, if that helps.


  1. Door 74, Amsterdam, Netherlands

A very popular speakeasy in the city of freedom, Door 74 is notoriously hard to get into. Only same day reservations are accepted and this can only be done via telephone.  In the pleasantly dark ambiance it is easy to lose track of time and spend many hours in this relaxing space. Upon entry the bartender takes your coat and leads you to your table. Water and snacks appear along with the drink menu.


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The pub requests that drinkers “Behave as ladies and gentlemen”, so you may have to resist some of the beautifully colored (yet super strong) liquors that line the walls. At any one time there are 15 creative cocktails, detailed in their leather-bound menus, and you’d be hard pushed to find similar cocktails anywhere else (think oyster mushroom infused bourbon, and corn wine with lemon and egg whites).


  1. Sherry Butt, Paris, France

Sherry Butt is a cozy, hip bar in the Marais, Paris that features a selection of whiskies as well as cocktails crafted from homemade syrups. Named after a large cask for aging whiskey, Sherry Butt entices the imagination with its industrial-meets-1950s Scandinavia feel and vast selection of over 60 whiskies. The menu changes seasonally, but past creations have included the Sassy Green, made with Scotch, pistachio and wasabi syrup, lime juice and sage leaves.


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The staff is extremely polite, well polished, and eager to serve you with the best.  Pop-in during the week-nights for a relaxed atmosphere and finger foods or brave the full house on the weekends with electric DJ sets. While this is not particularly the party spot, it does generate quite a buzz. Good for groups, better for dates.


  1. Bar Del Fico, Rome, Italy

This is one of the trendiest places in Rome. Young people gather here on weekends and in the evenings for aperitifs. You can either hang out at the bar or have lunch or dinner at the restaurant. Local love this place most of all for its creative design – there’s even a little circus stage for concerts and performances.


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Open from morning until late at night, it’s a good place to dine or to have drinks with locals. On weekends you can enjoy a meal while watching a concert or a performance on the circus stage. They serve great Italian food and the best international cocktails. The Sunday brunch is based on a typical Italian grandmother’s Sunday menu. Needless to say, it’s 100% Italian.


  1. Happiness Forgets, London, Britain

If you are in London then you must go to Happiness Forgets! Set in the basement of an old house in London’s Hoxton Square, Happiness Forgets is a unique pub and cocktail pub with an unusual identity. Offering delicious food, a great list of cocktails and a highly regarded ambient, this pub is seen as one of the best in the area and well worth checking out if you happen to be in the Shore ditch area.


SOURCE: bestbarsuk.files.wordpress.com

Booking is seen as a good idea here because of the small size of the building and its general popularity. However, a certain number of seats are always reserved for ‘walk down’ customers, so it’s admittedly not essential.

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