Exciting, adventurous, mysterious are the words that interest the explorer inside everyone. In this vast land of India, there are a lot of places that are still unexplored or unheard of. Here are 5 places in India you’ve probably never heard of.

1. Talakaad

Talakkad is a place situated in Chamarajanagar town of Mysore district in Karnataka. It is famous for the temples that are buried in the desert. Situated on the banks of river Cauvery, the place has a mysterious history. A village which is buried deep in sand, Talakaad was once an abode to about 30 temples. 5 of these temples are Lingams of Lord Shiva.


Source: karnataka.com

The legend goes that Alamelamma, the widow of Tirumala Raja of the Vijayanagara empire had cursed the land when the then Wodeyar’s try to take Srirangapatana from them. She cursed Talakaad as follows, ‘May Talakadu be filled with Sand, Malangi be a Whirlpool and Mysore Kings shall not have offsprings’. The first curse and the last part of the curse is found to be true ever since. Hence, a very important reason to explore this place is this legend.


2. Kalibangan

Located on the Ghaggar River in Rajasthan, it dates back to the times of Indus Valley Civilization. Excavated in 1969, the city of Kalibangan has a museum maintained by the Archeological Survey of India (ASI). All those who love to blend history and traveling together will have a field day visiting this place.


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3. Puhar

Puhar or Poompugar is a town in the Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu. It was famous once by the name of Kaveri poompattinam, it served as the capital of the Chola kings during one time. It is located at the end of the Cauvery River on the Bay of Bengal coast, and thus was one of biggest port cities during the Chola’s time. Marine archeological research is conducted by the National institute of marine archeology as the port side of the city eroded away. This is another historical place that needs to be visited by travelers who really are intrigued by ancient cultures.


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4. Chamoli

Chamoli is a place situated in Uttarakhand state of India. The place is unheard of, but is famous locally due to the dead skeletons found in a lake nearby. Roopkund Lake is a glacier lake in this part of the Himalayas. Legend goes that the King and Queen of Kanauj who were on a pilgrimage died here due to a hailstorm and the skeleton belonged to the people who were a part of the pilgrimage. Radio-Carbon tests have concluded these skeletons belong to the 15 century AD. Spooky, yet worth traveling, these are some places that any adventurous wanderlust would love to explore.


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5. Jatinga

The eastern state of Assam houses the village of Jatinga. It is famous among the Ornithologist community for ‘bird suicides’. Yes, bird suicides are what has bought this remote village onto the map. On foggy nights of the monsoon, birds of all species, both local and migratory have fallen to their death. September and October are the months which sees this mysterious phenomenon. However leading Ornithologists state that the fog and altitude of the area confuses the birds due to which they crash into trees and buildings.


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These are some of the places that the normal traveler hasn’t heard of in the Indian sub-continent. So if you are hungry to explore and be the first in accessing new places, then pack your bags for an adventure. For more information on World travel visit blog.cozmotravel.com and plan your adventure trip with Cozmo travel.