Water bodies are one of Nature’s best creations. Cool, soothing, calming grounds of nectar flowing all around. It is so beautiful that people always tend to have picnics or outings mostly near a lake or a pond or a river or the beach. A dip into it on a hot summer day, wouldn’t that be refreshing?


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Swimming, lying on the bank, fishing, boating, all these things can only happen when we have something like a lake. Switzerland is one such place in Europe where you can see or take a dip in a lot of lakes. Some of the world’s biggest lakes are from here. So, here is a list of the must see lakes in Switzerland.

  1. Lake Zurich: Situated along the city of Zurich, this is one of the numerous beautiful lakes of Switzerland. People flog in from time to time and undertake a lot of activities. Swimming is one of the main activities that is taken place here. Besides these you can also mountain bike, skate, hike and go for a walk. There are also facilities for ice hockey, and golf courses. So just enjoy the view of the lake, the gentle breeze and the healthy environment.


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  1. Lake Thun: This Lake is situated in the Bern Highlands. It gets water from the Lake Brienz. It’s the best lake to go to if you are an extreme sports lover. You will find it to be the perfect place for downhill cycling. To satisfy your itch for adventure you can do a lot of things near this lake like canyoning, rafting, wake boarding, and sailing. Aqua biking is something now that is available here now.


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  1. Lake Geneva: It is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe. The Geneva lake borders Switzerland and France. It is famous as a glacial lake for two glacier formations. Rowing, sailing, boat rides, are all allowed for the travelers. It’s the perfect destination for those looking to do something more active.


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  1. Lake Lucerne: If you want to have a calm time, then you have to go here. Lake Lucerne is the fourth largest lake of Switzerland and offers boat rides and walking grounds close to it. The lake is perfect for a calm and soothing time.


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  1. Lake Constance: Situated on the borders of three countries, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. It is still in debate as to how much of the lake belongs to whom. It is the third largest lake of Central Europe and has smaller islands inside its borders. Bavarian Lindau is one of those beautiful islands.


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Lakes are great to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Offering an experience that is pure bliss, the cool and calm water, with the breeze flowing all around you can help you relax without any worry in the world. That’s what comes to mind when you think of a lake in the first place. And Switzerland offers just that. Switzerland is famous for its green mountains, but its lakes are no less of an attraction. So do give it a visit with Cozmo travel.