Our eyes are most sensitive to colors. Everything is made distinctive when colors are added on. The land is beautiful because of the greenery, the sky is blue and during sunrise and sunset the skies become blood red in color.


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Without color, the world wouldn’t be as beautiful as we know it to be. However, there are lot of places in the world that is known for its colors. It’s vibrant, different, and especially exclusive to that place only and nowhere else. Here are 5 of the most colorful places in the world that exist on the tourism map because of the color in their palette.

  1. Cinque Terre, Italy: Comprising of 5 villages on the coast side, Cinque Terre is a colorful place to spend some time in. Along with the 5 villages, the coast line of Italian Riviera, the high hillside form the Cinque Terre National Park. It is one of the places from Italy that is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is known not only for its colorful buildings but also for its food and wine. You can enjoy the town’s view, view of the coastline and hills in the behind. All in one place.


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  1. La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina: This is a famous neighborhood in the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires. As its early settlers were from Italy, La Boca resembles in certain ways to Europe. You can visit many Tango clubs and watch Tango performances besides admiring the beauty of the neighborhood.


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  1. Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa: Bo-Kapp has both colorful painted buildings and cobble stones. It was earlier known as the Malay Quarter. It is also a multicultural area. One of the famous buildings here is the Nurul Islam Mosque and the Bo- Kaap Museum. You can thus, pay a visit to this colorful town of South Africa to have a vibrant experience.

Bo-kaap in the old Malay quarter of Cape Town South Africa with Signal Hill behind the colorful homes just before sunset

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  1. Willemstad, Curacao, The Caribbean: Going to the Caribbean, one can visit this pretty capital city of Curacao island. Because of its beautiful architecture, Willemstad has been given a place in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. You can also visit the harbor which has a very distinctive geography.


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  1. Brighton Beach, Melbourne, Australia: This beach in Australia is known for the 82 colorful bathing boxes. These are the main tourist attraction of this place. The architecture of the boxes is such that they are of equal sizes. Tourists come here to the beach to witness this wonder that was built during the Victorian era and still stands its magnificence.


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Everything has its place in the world. From the cold Himalayas to the hot Sahara, this Earth holds a lot of wonders to the explorer. So go out and witness Earth’s finest wonders at their most beautiful. However the world is it is still a colorful place. Know more about such awesome places to visit and plan your trip to experience these with Cozmo travel