Misty mountains, wildlife, beaches, and lovely tea, is what comes to mind when one thinks of Sri Lanka. Food is an integral part of the Sri Lankan experience as much as food plays a role everywhere. The Sri Lankan cuisine is heavily influenced by many cultures and this coupled with the soil’s ability to produce a wide range and bewildering variety of spices, rice, and vegetables lends Sri Lankan cuisine a unique and diverse flavor.

Rice, coconut, and spices dominate their cuisine. The land of Lanka is one of the most popular spice producers in the world today. The staple diet consists mainly of rice and curries. Sri Lanka has a wide range of curries, rich in flavor and colour, right from chicken curry to eggplant, potato, and banana curry too. Most dishes are accompanied by pickled vegetables and fruits or the famous Sambol.

If you’re planning a holiday to Sri Lanka, here are 5 Mouth Watering Delicacies of Sri Lanka that you shouldn’t miss.

  1. Hoppers

Hoppers are a traditional breakfast delicacy of Sri Lanka. They are called Appa in local dialect. These are similar to pan cakes, made with fermented rice flour batter and coconut milk. The fermenting agent most commonly used is palm toddy or yeast. Hoppers or appa can be both savory and sweet and can be deep fried or steamed. There are different kinds and varieties of Hoppers available like the egg hoppers, string hoppers, milk hoppers, and sweet hoppers. Hoppers or Appa is Sri Lanka’s local twist on pancakes or dosa (South Indian cuisine) recipe. Most hotels in Sri Lanka and street food vendors make this stomach filling Lankan delicacy.



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  1. Coconut Sambol 

Coconut Sambol also called Pol Sambol is a very popular Sri Lankan delicacy. It is extremely easy to make and hence is always made fresh at various food stalls and roadside shacks. This delicacy packs a punch with shredded coconut, chilly,salt, lime juice, and red onions. This is a perfect accompaniment with Hoppers, rice & curry, and even snacks. This is served in most hotels in Sri Lanka. This is one of Sri Lanka’s favourite cooking recipe, easy to make and packed with deliciousness!



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  1. Kottu

Kottu is another very popular and widely sold Sri Lankan recipe. Kottu is shredded roti (bread) with vegetables. The local street food vendors usually use the leftover bread and whip up this delicious and spicy treat with it. Brownie points for not wasting food! Kottu is highly customizable, egg kottu, cheese kottu, meat kottu, the varieties are endless. The making of Kottu Roti comes with a special song from the chef/cook too; a treat to the ears and taste-buds, Kottu is definitely one of the most loved Sri Lankan cooking recipes.



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  1. Wood Apple Juice

Wood Apple juice helps you wash down all that yummy and spicy food. The taste is quite unique and nothing like you would have tasted before therefore it definitely takes some getting used to! Wood apple is a south Asian fruit, hard shell and inside is a brown paste. Wood Apple juice which is served commonly in the Sri Lankan market places or hotels in Sri Lanka is a smoothie made with wood apple blended with water and jaggery. This is again a very distinct and unique element of the Sri Lankan cuisine that one must try on the Sri Lankan holiday!



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  1. Watalappam

Sri Lanka is predominantly the land of savories but it does have some lip-smacking sweets to offer. There are many different forms and varieties of sweets available in the various hotels in Sri Lanka. Watalappam is one of the staple desserts of Sri Lanka. It is a steamed pudding made out of coconut, eggs, spices, and milk. It is similar to a crème Brule but it is much sweeter and also thicker in consistency. It is rich and flavoursome.


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On your next holiday to Sri Lanka, do not miss out on these mouth-watering delicacies! What’s better, plan your trip to the place with Cozmo Travel. For more exciting blogs, click here.