Apart from the pristine beaches and unique landscapes, Thailand is also known as the foodie’s paradise. Every nook & corner in Thailand can be seen laden with scrumptious delicacies, waiting for you to savor multiple flavors. A walk down any street in Thailand can prove to be an extravagant trip for your taste buds.

Here, we have listed 5 most lip-smacking Signature dishes in Thailand which we highly recommend!

  1. Khao Soi Curry

Khao Soi Curry is a signature dish in Thailand. It is a combination of coconut flavored curry and egg noodles, Khao Soi Curry is consumed widely across Thailand & its neighboring countries. Sometimes crispy egg noodles are also served on top of the soft noodles, adding a unique taste to the dish.

Khao Soi Curry in Thailand is mostly served as an appetizer before the main course meal. While preparing the dish many restaurants include onions, lime etc to add some more taste and flavour. Khao Soi Curry is consumed widely in North Thailand as compared to the South. You will be able to savor this delicacy at any restaurant in North Thailand.


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  1. Kaeng Cha-Om

Kaeng Cha-Om is very close to our regular fish curry. But, the major differentiating ingredient is Cha-om leaves. Cha-Om is a member of the family of acacia, native to South-East Asia. Cha-om leaves, when served with fish or chicken in a sour curry, culminates to create the scrumptious dish of Kaeng Cha-Om. Mostly, fish is the prime ingredient of this dish. However, seafood or other meat is also included along with potato or tofu.


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  1. Tom Yum Goong

Tom Yum Goong is a masterpiece Thai soup. Loaded with shrimp, lemongrass, tomatoes and mushrooms, it is a delicacy which cannot be missed when in Thailand. The flavor of Tom Yum Goong is both, spicy and sour. The soup can have chicken, beef, pork or shrimp. However, Tom Yum Goong can also be prepared as a veg delicacy with tofu or other ingredients. This signature soup is known to belong to the category of ‘clear soup’.


Source: thailandtourism.co

  1. Gai Pad Pongali

Served as a main course delicacy in Thailand, Gai Pad Pongali is a combination of delicious rice, mild yellow curry with a tinge of pepper and inclusion of onions, tomatoes & chicken. To give a unique taste to this delicacy, eggs are added, mostly scrambled. Inspired by three varieties of cuisine; Indian, Chinese & European. Gai Pad Pongali brings you a combination of 5 different flavors and is a royal treat to your taste buds.


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  1. Kao Mok Gai

Kao Mok Gai is a Thai version of Chicken Biryani. The rice, chicken and spices are cooked together in the same pot; much like biryani. Some restaurants serve additional chicken pieces on the side. Kao Mok Gai is served with a tangy spicy sauce and garnished with fried onions and cilantro. Kao Mok Gai resembles a lot to the Indian Chicken Biryani. But, the selection of Thai spices and flavors make this dish unique in taste.


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