A lot present today can be based on history. Origins is what becomes the foundation for one’s identity. This is the reason places around the world are preserved either in museums or in the form of parks or institutions; for their historic essence. One such country is Thailand.

Phuket, Thailand

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Thailand has a vast history stretching to a hundred years and. Here are 5 Historic centres of Thailand that are proof of this fact.

  1. 1. Ban Chiang: This is an archeological site that was discovered in 1966. It is widely recognized for the pottery that has been excavated from the area; pottery belonging to probably the Bronze Age. Steve Young, an Anthropology student from Harvard made this discovery in 1966 when he’d traveled to Thailand for research on his thesis paper.


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  1. Phimai: Phimai was one of the main cities during the Khmer empire’s rule in Thailand. The Phimai Historical Park is what protects the ruins inside it. One of the things this place is famous for, is the Buddhist temple. These buildings date back to the 11th and 12th centuries. It is also famous for its architecture which resembles Angkor Wat and also marks one end of the Ancient Khmer Highway. It was originally named as Vimayapura which later became Phimai in Thai.

Phimai, Prasat Hin Phimai

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  1. Ayutthaya: King Ramathibodi I founded the city of Ayutthaya in 1350. During that time it was the capital of the Ayutthaya kingdom and was flourishing well and was called the ‘Venice of the East’ for some time. Now, the Ayutthaya Historical Park has been built in order to preserve the ruins of the old city. When the Burmese attacked and made this city the Burmese capital from 1569 to 1767, most of the city’s structures were lost.

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  1. Sukhothai: Sukothai means ‘Dawn of Happiness’ and this city was the capital of the Sukothai kingdom during the 13th and 14th centuries. With a total of 193 ruins, tourists visit this park all throughout the year. You can enjoy the whole park which is about 70 square kms on foot.


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  1. Grand Palace: Right in the heart of the capital of Thailand is a building complex called the Grand Palace. The construction for the building had started in 1782, by the then King Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke of the Chakri Dynasty. In present however, the Grand Palace is used only for official events and nothing else. It attracts a huge amount of tourists due to its location in the capital. And some part of it is open as a museum while still being used for certain official offices.


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Everything has a history, even travel. Earlier people used to travel only for either military or trade expeditions. However now, people travel for the love of it. The meaning might have changed, but the purpose of travel remains the same, to create stories. The places listed here are worth the travel because they hold a lot of stories in them. Seize the opportunity to create your own travel stories and plan your vacations with Cozmo travel.