No one looks stupid while they’re having fun. So loosen-up and indulge in these travel guilty pleasures like no one is watching and you get know what sort of a traveler you actually are.

  1. Check-out the Night Life



Whether or not you’re a night owl, a different energy settles over a city when the sun sets. Depending on the particular flavor of where you’re visiting, the nightlife might consist of live music in bars, huge, pulsing clubs, or candlelit cafes with plenty of wine to go around. Get dressed up and dive into whatever fun awaits. And if you are not that much into dancing, then just visit the famous pubs in the are get yourself a drink or two.


  1. Read a Novel about your Destination

If you’re visiting America, then check-out Bill Bryson. “The Lost Continent” is Bryson’s trip across America, visiting some common places (the Grand Canyon), but also exploring the back roads and looking for that familiarity that helps him remember home.


  1. Eat what you want



You are on a vacation. You can be sure that calories don’t count when you are on a vacation. So what’s the problem then? Go ahead and dig into that fine Churros or Pavlova. It’s once in a blue moon anyway.


  1. Eat where you want

Chinese queue outside the newly opened Mcdonald's restaurant in Xian, Shaanxi province, August 31, 2001. More than 50,000 Chinese crowded the restaurant, which is the 377th to open in China but the first in the relatively poor Northwest of the country. China's fast food industry hand turnover of more than 200 billion yuan ($24 billion) last year as Western giants and home-grown competitors fought for market share. ?? OUT - RTXKQ9Y


It is okay if you really don’t have the courage or the money to try a local place one day. McDonald’s is just fine sometimes and is a sure bet on being a place worth eating at. You know what you’re eating and it’s clean.


  1. Dolce Far Niente

Italian for sweet idleness. Do nothing at all. Spend an entire day reading or camping out in a nowhere city, and giving a pass to all the traveler-themed things you should be doing (seeing orangutans, visiting temples, doing something “cultural,” etc.)


  1. White Lies

Tell absolute lies to other travelers, when you get sick of the same “where are you from?” “What do you do at home?” etc. Yes I’m a fireman/run a dog shelter/semi-professional footballer. Live a little. Yes you may be pushing things there but so what? What’s the chance that you’ll ever see them again?


  1. Cursing in your Native Tongue

You are Indian. You probably know curse words in three languages at the least. Use it when you need to rant but can’t offend. Remember your poker face though as it could come really handy when needed.


  1. Cliché Photographs


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We’ve all at some point wanted that picture of us leaning against the Leaning tower or picking up the Eiffel Tower like it’s no big deal. They make for something funny and more importantly, memorable; something that you can have in you travel diaries.


  1. Goof-Off

Make funny faces at people when abroad. It is funny how people react back. Some keep staring, others laugh and some just get mad. But it is perfect if you want to make a dull day fun especially when you’re completely lost with what to do.


  1. Travel More


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You don’t need to sell all your worldly possessions and become a homeless vagabond.  Just get out there more than you do now. Start with a weekend in a different state. Then maybe try a week in the country next door.

The new car, remodeling project, and iPhone can wait. If you truly want to travel more, you can make it happen. Career breaks are possible. You have friends who would love to watch your pets.

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It’s a big, beautiful, exciting, and fascinating world out there.