Dubai is a shopping fantasy for all the shopaholics. With endless outlets for duty free goods Dubai can certainly boast of being one of the largest shopping hubs in the world. Plus Dubai seems to be very keen on maintaining this status and hence keeps coming up with various sales, discounts and shopping festivals to attract tourists from all over the world and ensure they have a happy shopping experience.

With an endless list of branded stores and traditional souks, it is just as easy for a new comer to be disillusioned and stumble. So here are few tips to make your shopping experience in Dubai, a little more smooth and get the most out of your budget.

1) Timing it Right

If shopping is one of the main entrees in your things-to-do-in-Dubai checklist, you might want to plan it in such a way that you get to attend the Dubai Shopping Festival. There are two shopping festivals in a year, one in the month of January and one in summer. But as the climate in summer is rather unfavorable, plan your trip in the month of January or February to get to avail the endless offers at the fest.




2) Mall of the Emirates vs. Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall has its name and fame for being the largest mall in the world, but it is advisable to head to the mall of the Emirates if you just want to focus on shopping. It’s a shopping experience that has brands that aren’t over priced and suit everyone’s pockets. The Dubai mall should definitely be visited for its infrastructure, the fountain and the aquarium among other attractions.


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3) Visit Gold Souk

This is what adds to the glitter of the dazzling Dubai experience.  If you don’t plan to spend the entire day here, which could be fun too, visit the souk in the evening so you avoid the morning traffic and the scorching afternoon heat. The shops mainly sell either the Malabari jewellery, for those who prefer huge chunky gold pieces and others showcasing delicate elegant designs. Instead of buying everything from one store check multiple stores to get an idea of the variety of designs available. Don’t forget to bargain! And also bear in mind credit cards will incur extra taxes on such shopping. All that glitters here is gold!


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4) Spice Souk

Right next to the gold souk in Dubai is the spice souk. With the mixed aroma in the air, you are transported into a truly Arabian experience. With a little patience, you would find practically any herb and spice grown under the sun. Not just spices, but you could take back various perfumes and hookahs too. This one, you definitely shouldn’t miss.  Since we can’t do justice in truly conveying all that the spice souk has…read more on virtual tourist-



5) Indulge in Household Shopping

If you are visiting Dubai with your parents, your mum would probably love to pay the Ikea a visit. It’s along the lines of Wal-mart but showcases a larger variety of household items right from cutlery to nursery accessories at affordable prices. This one’s for mum!



6) Don’t miss Dubai Outlet Mall

If you are looking for the heaviest discounts in Dubai, look no more. The Dubai outlet mall usually has up to 80% off going on in its stores! Of course though, the collection isn’t of the current season, but if you aren’t very fussy about being up to date with the season’s collection, it is worth a look! Psst: Happy shopping!



7) Don’t forget to collect Souvenirs

No doubt you want to take home souvenirs to preserve the extravagance of Dubai at least in the memory, and to give to your friends and family. The best place in Dubai to go souvenir shopping is in Karama. This has a number of outlets that sell almost authentic replicas. If you are looking to go shopping in bulk, make sure you bargain in bulk too!



8) Check out GITEX

GITEX is Dubai’s tech convention and is rapidly growing into one of the world’s more prominent technological conventions. But besides it just being a top platform in Dubai for various tech conferences, it also plays host to customers who wish to shop and purchase their favorite types of tech based items at attractive rates. This is the best time for all tech geeks to go shopping and get everything they want that isn’t as heavy on their wallets as it usually is.



9) Global Village

Held annually, the Global Village is Dubai’s answer to a full family entertainment and shopping experience. It provides the people of Dubai with a unique shopping experience with different sections each representing different countries. What is sold at each section is exclusive to that country and are usually difficult to find commonly in Dubai. The items are sold at great prices and provide so much more than just a shopping experience. It is a great all-rounder in terms of experience provided and should not be missed.



10) Dragon Mart

The name says it all. The Dragon Mart in Dubai is the go to shopping platform for any shopper looking for the best deals on practically anything. You name it, this place has it. The shops are engaged in providing products on wholesale and retail. The mall is divided into seven different zones each exclusively based on genre of its products. This is to provide its customers with the ultimate shopping experience.



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