There are many reasons to visit Barbados, and it just helps that pop star Rihanna hails from this special little island. This country definitely does not need to rely on her fame to be a prominent tourism destination though. Here’s 10 reasons to love Barbados:


  1. Active Nightlife



Barbados has an active nightlife throughout the country, with plenty of pubs, clubs, rum shacks and restaurants in all of the main cities for all your travel guilty pleasures. One of the most famous clubs is the Harbor Lights, an open-air nightclub right on the stunning Carlisle Bay Beach, just 5 minutes from the heart of Bridgetown. Most clubs play local beats, including reggae and calypso, while some even party to R&B music.


  1. Tropical Climate



The country is located just outside the hurricane strike area, and has a tropical monsoon climate like many places in India. It generally experiences two seasons: there’s a wet season from June to November and a dry season from December to May. Temperatures range between 70 to 88OF during the dry season and between 73 to 88OF during the wet season. Annual precipitation is between 40 and 90 inches.


  1. Amazing Diving Spots

Divers will surely not be disappointed when in Barbados, since several types of reefs, sponges, corals and abundant plant life await curious sportsmen and women. Besides colorful barrier reefs serving as habitats for thousands of beautiful fish, Barbados is also home to some of the best wreck diving in the Caribbean.



Two of the most popular sites are Carlisle Bay, with more than 200 wrecks, and the Stavronikita, in Folkestone Marine Park.


  1. Parties and Festivals



The most colorful and most important festival in the country is the Crop Over Festival, which was first celebrated in the late 18th century, when Barbados was the largest sugar producer in the World. Although the traditional celebrations ended in 1940, the festival was revived in 1974 to create an even bigger extravaganza, which consists of fairs, parties, carnivals, market stalls, folk concerts, exhibitions, and much more.


  1. Great Infrastructure


Barbados has a well-developed network of roads and highways, and easy access to public transportation, with which one can easily circumnavigate the whole country. Locals and tourists also have access to clean, safe drinking water island-wide and good sanitation. Grantley Adams Airport, located in Seawell, Christchurch, is a hub for various airlines, and it was recently renovated after high international standards.


  1. Blue, Blue Beaches



The brilliant water quality due to Barbados being a limestone islands – the stones act as a natural filter system creating many underground lakes and unusual water reservoirs for the Caribbean. You can visit Harrison Cave in Saint Thomas Parish to get insights about the underground world of Barbados.


  1. Great Food



A very delicious mix of all sorts of spices from the Caribbean, Africa and India make a typical meal in Barbados. The Barbadians love chicken, therefore you will find lots of dishes with chicken and rice.


  1. Bridgetown 

The capital of Barbados is Bridgetown in the south west parish of Saint Michael. You can get there with the majority of buses as there are more or less just two directions on the island: to or from Bridgetown.

The capital is quite small with about a third of Barbadians living in or around Bridgetown.



It has a pretty Parliament building and Historic Bridgetown and the old Garrison are part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The Nelson Statue in front of the Parliament is about 30 years older than the one in London.


  1. Turtles



The possibility of a swim with the turtles in the sea? Yes, please. You can get to the common turtle spots with organized tours. You might be lucky and find yourself surrounded by the turtles.

Whilst you are on Carlisle Beach, use the day for snorkeling above one of the many ship wrecks in the Bay.You can combine the turtles and the snorkeling with one of the many catamaran tours on offer.



  1. The Rum 


There is no article about Barbados without mentioning the famous Mount Gay Rum that gets produced on the island since 1703 and therefore gets marketed as the oldest Rum in the world. Great taste and brilliant is the local Rum, that you get everywhere on Barbados. You can visit the Mount Gay Rum Visitor Center in Bridgetown including a rum tasting bar of course

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