Our high school history classes have taught us about Nelson Mandela, the apartheid movement, Cape of Good Hope and the diamond mines of South Africa. South Africa is not just famous for what it has achieved in the yesteryear. Being the southernmost country, right at the bottom tip of the continent, it is still famous now for its beauty and its tourist attractions.


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Any traveler who wants the signature of different countries on their passport should definitely step into this paradise. Natural and artificial man made wonders are available to enjoy your travels in. Here is a list of 10 must visit places in South Africa that anybody should have in their travel itinerary.


  1. Apartheid Museum: South Africa had fought a long war against slavery, racism and independence. This entire struggle is chronicled; the history of this African nation is documented in this museum. It is a must visit as it will teach any visitor what it means to be a South African citizen today through its history.


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  1. Table Mountain and national park: Table Mountain is a flat mountain range near the city of Cape Town. Due to its flat surface it’s called the Table Mountain. The National Park is built around this mountain to preserve its surroundings. The National Park also contains the Cape of Good Hope in its boundaries. Just hike through the national park and feel one with the wild.


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  1. Cango Caves: The Cango Caves extend for 4 kilometers in distance, but only about a kilometer is allowed for tourism purposes. Only under a guide’s supervision are you allowed inside. Located in the foothills of Swartberg mountain range near Oudtshoorn town of Western Cape Province, South Africa, the Cango Caves are of the best caves in the world which attract a lot of tourists.


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  1. Victoria & Alfred Waterfront: To get a brilliant view of the Atlantic, Table Mountain, shopping center; all from one vantage point you have to come here. Table Bay harbor is also a part of the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. You can see fresh fish being bought in, shop at the retail shops, and have a walk through the bay.


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  1. Gold Reef City: You like gold, do you? Well here is a theme park built entirely around gold. With the usual roller coaster, water rides, and a casino, Gold Reef City also has a museum. The museum is dedicated to the Gold Rush era of the 1880s which is also the main theme of the park. The staff dress up in clothes from that time and the whole ‘City’ is built in the same setting.


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  1. Voortrekker Monument: This monument was built in remembrance of the Voortrekkers by Gerard Moerjik. The Voortrekkers are the ancestors of the modern day Afrikaners. The Voortrekkers left the British controlled Cape Colony and moved interior into South Africa leading to the Great Trek, consisting of a mass exodus.


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  1. Cradle of Humankind: A composition of limestone caves, Cradle of Humankind has been given a World Heritage Site status by UNESCO. It is located in the Gauteng province. This place has the Sterkfontein Caves which contains inside of it a 2.3-million-year-old fossil Australopithecus africanus. A lot of other major fossils have been found in the area and the excavations are still going on. Hence, the name Cradle of Humankind as it shelters various things that could help in tracing history of the human species.


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  1. Franschhoek Motor Museum: From the Bugatti Type 35B of 1927 to McLaren F1 of 1992, Franschhoek Motor Museum is a paradise for people who have a thing for 4 wheelers. The museum exhibits many cars from various countries and is open the whole week. It’s the place to go to in South Africa if you want to learn anything about cars.


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  1. Two Oceans Aquarium: It comprises of 7 galleries. The interesting thing of this aquarium is that it is located in the place where the Indian and the Atlantic Ocean meet. Thus the galleries are built in such a way that the marine life from both the oceans can be viewed from the aquarium.

The Two Oceans Aquarium

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  1. Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve: It is a reserve built around the Blyde River Canyon. It includes the God’s and Devil’s windows, the three Rondavels, and the Bourke’s Luck Potholes under it. These are all mountain ranges and areas of nature containing huge flora and fauna.


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South Africa is still an unexplored natural wonder. There are still a lot of things that can be seen in this heaven for travelers. Just take a trip to this country with Cozmo travel and quench your travel thirst.