Nepal is an adventure junkie’s paradise. The stalwart mountains and the never ending terrains of magnanimous landscapes can make anyone fall in love with this country. Nepal is known for some of the world’s most arduous, yet scintillating treks. Here, we have compiled a list of 5 spectacular peaks which you can conquer while indulging in the ravishing beauty of nature.

1) Imja Tse

Fondly known as the Island peak, Imja Tse is considered to be a peak which can be conquered by beginners as well. However, the majestic views offered by this peak clearly brings it to this list. Imja Tse has an altitude of 20,300 feet and it takes a little more than 20 days to conquer this peak. This peak was identified as Imja Tse later. But, initially it was known as the Island peak due to its location. Imja Tse is located amidst a blanket of snow and this protruding peak quite resembles a piece of land in a vast ocean. The famous Mt Everest is located at a mere distance of 10 KMs from here!


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2) Ama Dablam

Ama Dablam is known for it’s spectacular beauty and its unique formation. The peak stands tall at 22,300 feet, surrounded by long ridges on either sides and a hanging glacier. The ridges resemble stretched arms of a mother towards her child. The first part, “Ama”, originates from this resemblance. The hanging glacier resemble “Dablam”, which is a necklace worn by Sherpa women. Hence, the literal meaning of Ama Dablam is “Mother’s necklace”.

Ama Dablam is considered to be one of the most famous peaks to be conquered by mankind in Nepal.

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3) Pokalde Peak

If you are feeling intimidated by the heights of Imje Tse & Ama Dablam, you can consider trekking up to Pokalde Peak. One of the shortest & easiest in Nepal, Pokalde Peak would still give you spectacular views of the impressive, snow-clad terrains. Despite being a comparatively easy peak to conquer, climbing Pokalde peak can be dangerous in bad weather as a certain section is highly exposed to deep valleys. Also, you will encounter an almost vertical climb where using ropes would be recommended.pokalde_peak-1393928796

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4) Mera Peak

Mera peak is yet another one which can be considered for a fantastic trek. From the top of this peak, you can see Mt Everest along with Mt Kangchenjunga & Mt Makalu. The view from the top of this peak is astounding and all the efforts invested to trek up to 21,200 feet seems worthwhile.

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5) Dorje Lhakpa

This pyramid shaped mountain is a paradise for the photographer in you. To reach this 22,000 feet high peak, you will have to go through an arduous trek. However, the pyramid structure of Dorje Lhakpa differentiates this from others and attracts a plethora of tourists from all over the world.Dorje Lakpa

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